Peaches and Apples




  • Redhaven 

A very sweet, excellent eating, soft and melting peach.  It is a yellow flesh peach with a red blush over a yellow background.  It is semi-free stone peach.  Redhaven will always be one of our favorite peaches.

  • John Boy 

A sweet, somewhat soft and melting peach.  It is a good eating peach.  It has yellow flesh and a red blush over a yellow background.  It is a free-stone peach and peels easily.

  • Diamond Princess 

A sweet, firm peach, good for pies, jams, and eating.  It is a free-stone peach, dark in color with less fuzz than most other peaches.  Diamond Princess can be a little more difficult to peel but is worth the extra work.

  • Rosa 

Rosa is similar to Redhaven in flavor and texture, good for eating, canning, and baking.  It is a free-stone peach with red stripes over a yellow background.

  • Early Elberta 


Early Elberta is a very sweet peach. It has a smooth texture and free-stone which make it a wonderful canning, baking and eating peach.  It is probably the most versatile peach we are growing.  Early Elberta has a bright red blush over a yellow background and is generally a large peach.

  • Lemon Elberta 

This is the most popular canning peach we grow.  It is smooth textured and keeps it shape when bottled.  It is a free-stone peach and peels easily making it an excellent canning peach.  This is the Gleason strain elberta which has been grown for more than 100 years.  

  • Angelus 

A milder flavored peach which originated from a J.H. Hale.  It is a good eating, canning and baking peach.  Angelus is more course textured peach than the elberta types.  It is a free-stone peach and has a red stripe over a yellow background.  It is generally a large size peach.

  • John Henry 

This peach is similar to O'Henry and ripens a week or so before O'Henry.  It is a sweet flavored, smooth textured peach and is a free-stone.  We recommend it for eating, pies and jam.  John Henry has a darker red blush over a yellow background.  

  • O'Henry 

This is the last peach of the season!  We love O'Henry for canning, baking and especially eating.  It is also has a darker red blush over a yellow background. O'Henry is a free-stone.  


All of our peaches are yellow flesh peaches.  

We do not grow white peaches.








  • Zestar

The first apple of the season is a light, crisp apple with a sweet-tart flavor.  It is especially good in apple pie and making apple sauce.  Zestar is a light colored apple with a red blush.  It is a cross of State Fair and MN 1691.  Enjoy it fresh and be sure to keep refrigerated.

  • Blondee

This is a yellow, gala-type apple.  It is a sweet apple so is excellent for fresh eating.  It has a crunchy texture and keeps well.  Blondee was discovered as a "sport" in an existing Gala orchard.

  • Cherry Cox

A "sport" of Cox's Orange Pippin

  • Valstar

A good crisp, sweet-tart flavored apple.  It is very similar to Jonagold in appearance and flavor.  It is an excellent fresh eating and baking apple.  Valstar was originally Lustre Elstar and came from Holland in the 1950's.  It is a cross of Golden Delicious and Ingrid Marie.

  • Gala

This is a super sweet, very crisp apple.  It is a dense apple and an excellent keeping apple.  Gala is a cross of Golden Delicious and Cox's Orange Pippin and originally came from New Zealand.

  • Crimson Crisp

CrimsonCrisp® has a very crisp, firm texture with a sweet-tart, complex flavor making it an excellent eating apple.  It is also a good keeping apple.  It originated at Rutgers and was named Coop 39.  Possible parents are Golden Delicious, Melba and Red Rome.

  • Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp is a wonderful blend of sweet and tart flavors.  It is a snappy crisp apple and is very juicy.  Honeycrisp has become the most popular apple we are growing.  Our dad loved Honeycrisp so much that he ordered 10,000 more trees  and we added them to our orchard in the spring of 2017.  Honeycrisp was first discovered at the University of Minnesota.